Scarteen Event (1) Scarteen House, Knocklong Limerick 25/05/2022

By Kind Permission of The Ryan Family

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Class Dressage Test Entry Fee
TE100 100 Short Eventing Test 2020 € 50.00 Login Required
TE100 5yo 100 Short Eventing Test 2020 € 50.00 Login Required
TE90 4YO 80-90 Short Eventing Test 2020 € 50.00 Login Required
TE90 80-90 Short Eventing Test 2020 € 50.00 Login Required
TE80 80-90 Short Eventing Test 2020 € 50.00 Login Required

Entries Open: 09:00 02/05/2022

Entries Closed: 12:00 23/05/2022

Last date for refund: Noon Friday 20th May

Dressage tests are available on - Dressage times will be posted on the Eventing Ireland website. Showjumping phase will immediately precede XC – competitors will jump a course of 8 showjumps then continue immediately onto the XC track.


PLEASE NOTE: The running of this Event is subject to the Horse Sport Ireland and Government Covid-19 Protocols in place at the time of the event.

Riders are to bring their own Bib Numbers. Click HERE for the template to print your own. DO NOT CHANGE THE FONT, THEY MUST BE BIG ENOUGH TO BE SEEN BY FENCE JUDGES (please print one for the front AND the back) or where to purchase your own set

Role Name Email Phone Address
Entries Secretary Jane Grace 045 854545 Eventing Ireland Head OfficeKildare
Event Organiser Sue Ryan 062 53195 Scarteen HouseLimerick
Cross Country Designer Chris Ryan
Entries Secretary Tricia Clark 083 026 0501

Directions: Directions at HERE

Latitude: 52.430 Longitude: 8.377

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(Dressage Test: 100 Short Eventing Test 2020) -
No Horse Rider DR Time Notes
1 Dartans Hillcrest (ISH) Rodney O'Donnell 09:00:00 DR Arena A
2 Ted Alice Copithorne 09:04:00 DR Arena A
3 Kilguilkey Beau Michelle Dulohery 09:12:00 DR Arena A
4 Fort Arthur Lottery Grace Copithorne 09:20:00 DR Arena A
5 Neptune Knight (ISH) Clara Hartigan 09:28:00 DR Arena A
6 Correal Woods Katie Marks 09:32:00 DR Arena A
7 Dungar Hillcrest Cruise (ISH) Rodney O'Donnell 09:36:00 DR Arena A
8 Clonbanan Gortfree (ID) Trevor Palmer 09:40:00 DR Arena A
9 Miss Cranny Sarco (ISH) Emma Buckley 09:44:00 DR Arena A
10 Oakland Little T (ID) Meabh T Hennessy 09:52:00 DR Arena A
11 Rudy Doodie Ellen Barry 10:00:00 DR Arena A
12 Coquette La Lissabon Sara Hakala 10:04:00 DR Arena A
13 Ballybough Brightspark Joanna Lewis 10:20:00 DR Arena A
14 Cullinagh Glory B (ISH) Mia Leonard 10:24:00 DR Arena A
15 Belline Lord Boston (ISH) Michelle Dulohery 10:28:00 DR Arena A
16 Muckross Shadow Nora O'Donovan 10:40:00 DR Arena A
17 Tinarana Global Venture (ISH) Rodney O'Donnell 10:52:00 DR Arena A
18 Simbolise Martha Naughton 10:56:00 DR Arena A

TE100 5yo

(Dressage Test: 100 Short Eventing Test 2020) -
No Horse Rider DR Time Notes
19 Creevaghstables knockdoelodge Clarus Malyon 09:08:00 DR Arena A
20 Tullibards Babs Delight (TB) Martin Ffrench 09:16:00 DR Arena A
21 Ballymolloy Bouquet Anna Histon 09:24:00 DR Arena A
22 Slieve Callan Gael (ISH) Niamh Tottenham 09:48:00 DR Arena A
23 Cairnview Noble Jester (ISH) Anita Algierowicz 09:56:00 DR Arena A
24 Reenmore Master (ISH) Alice Copithorne 10:08:00 DR Arena A
25 Sceilig Candy Storm Darren Lawlor 10:32:00 DR Arena A
26 Tullibards Get Ready Freddy (ISH) Martin Ffrench 10:36:00 DR Arena A
27 Roxanne (ISH) Linnea Parker 10:44:00 DR Arena A
28 Creevaghstables Buttler Jones (ISH) Clarus Malyon 10:48:00 DR Arena A

TE90 4YO

(Dressage Test: 80-90 Short Eventing Test 2020) -
No Horse Rider DR Time Notes
60 Zeus Dominic Furnell 09:40:00 DR Arena B
61 CFH Dakkar Royale Tommy Considine 09:52:00 DR Arena B
62 Terry Debbie Flavin 10:00:00 DR Arena B
63 Slieve Callan Solice (ISH) Niamh Tottenham 11:08:00 DR Arena B
64 Creevaghstables DHS Nevada Tommy Considine 11:32:00 DR Arena B
65 Ballycahane Athena Dominic Furnell 11:56:00 DR Arena B
66 Ballinara Roo (ISH)(TIH) Neva McNamara 12:12:00 DR Arena B
67 Cherry Debbie Flavin 12:20:00 DR Arena B


(Dressage Test: 80-90 Short Eventing Test 2020) -
No Horse Rider DR Time Notes
30 Gneeve Prince William (RID) John O Sullivan 09:44:00 DR Arena B
31 Bohola Hero (CP) Pauline Dahill 09:48:00 DR Arena B
32 Red David Raeburn 09:56:00 DR Arena B
33 Mr Badger Gillian McCarthy 10:04:00 DR Arena B
34 Watermill Lux Cougar (ISH) Siobhan Schous 10:08:00 DR Arena B
35 Ballingowan Clarity Ann O'Grady 10:12:00 DR Arena B
36 Coolewest Sammy Eimear White 10:16:00 DR Arena B
37 Minimus Star Meabh O'Brien 10:20:00 DR Arena B
38 Tailor Made (ISH) Triona Fitzpatrick 10:24:00 DR Arena B
39 Greenfort Darcy Bui Tomke Spekker 10:28:00 DR Arena B
40 Groovy Lady (ISH) Nadine Harte 10:32:00 DR Arena B
41 Rico Dominic Furnell 10:36:00 DR Arena B
42 Milchem My Lady Jason Doerflinger 10:40:00 DR Arena B
43 Newgrange Brady Ciara Evans 10:44:00 DR Arena B
44 Inisbri Ginger (ISH)(TIH) Sarah Furney 11:00:00 DR Arena B
45 Nelgara Lucy Locket (ISH) Rebecca Dunlea 11:04:00 DR Arena B
46 Kellie from Killasolan (ISH)(TIH) Anita Algierowicz 11:12:00 DR Arena B
47 Kilruane Ruby Alice Copithorne 11:16:00 DR Arena B
48 Harry (ISH) Liam Hough 11:20:00 DR Arena B
49 Killowen Leah Bui (CP) Pauline Dahill 11:24:00 DR Arena B
50 Whitethorn Girl Siorcha Redmond 11:28:00 DR Arena B
51 Captain Know How (ISH) Grace Hennessy 11:36:00 DR Arena B
52 Bridget David Raeburn 11:40:00 DR Arena B
53 Gneeve Skippy Grange (RID) John O Sullivan 11:52:00 DR Arena B
54 Dolly Darren Lawlor 12:00:00 DR Arena B
55 Ballingowan Lea Mia Leonard 12:04:00 DR Arena B
56 Abbeyside Rory (CP) Cecilia Foster 12:08:00 DR Arena B
57 Buster Boyo Rodney O'Donnell 12:16:00 DR Arena B
58 Bella Mai Avril Rea 12:24:00 DR Arena B
59 Donaghpatrick Cronán (CP) Hannah O'Connor 12:28:00 DR Arena B


(Dressage Test: 80-90 Short Eventing Test 2020) -
No Horse Rider DR Time Notes
70 Daredevil Mary Leonard Blake 11:40:00 DR Arena A
71 Mr Leo Gillian McCarthy 11:44:00 DR Arena A
72 The Rebel Son (CP) Janet Burke 11:48:00 DR Arena A
73 Ballyneety Butlers Mistress Niamh O'Carroll 11:52:00 DR Arena A
74 Ballycoolan Surprise (ID) Sara Hakala 11:56:00 DR Arena A
75 Stuart Camilla Kear 12:00:00 DR Arena A
76 Sinoia Luna Emma Kennedyy 12:04:00 DR Arena A
77 Milchem Manilla Jason Doerflinger 12:08:00 DR Arena A
78 Tullabeg Archie (ISH) Leanne O’Sullivan 12:12:00 DR Arena A
79 Tullibards Dolce Vita (ISH) Martin Ffrench 12:16:00 DR Arena A
80 Delmore (TB) Denis Gilmartin 12:20:00 DR Arena A
81 It's A Hoofer Elaine O'Sullivan 12:24:00 DR Arena A
82 VHC Howitzer (ISH) Holly Conte 12:28:00 DR Arena A
83 Harry Go Lucky Jane L Walsh 12:32:00 DR Arena A
84 Grey Joy Rachel Flynn 12:36:00 DR Arena A
85 Archie Alice Copithorne 12:40:00 DR Arena A
86 Tinkas Hugo (ISH) Amy Walsh 13:12:00 DR Arena A
87 Vincy David Raeburn 12:48:00 DR Arena A
88 Ballymolloy Brie (ISH) Liam Hough 12:52:00 DR Arena A
89 Ari Dominic Furnell 13:04:00 DR Arena A
90 Irish Tinker Irene Leahy 13:08:00 DR Arena A
91 Foxy Socks Mary Leonard Blake 12:44:00 DR Arena A
92 Hillside Johnny Nadine Harte 13:16:00 DR Arena A
93 Knightsbridge Jack Harriet Murphy 13:20:00 DR Arena A
94 Valiant Dancer Kate Walsh 13:24:00 DR Arena A
95 Vendi (ISH) Neva McNamara 13:28:00 DR Arena A
96 CSF Tammi (ISH) Emily Collins 13:32:00 DR Arena A
97 Hartigan Thunder Cloud Avril Rea 13:36:00 DR Arena A
98 Lassban Silhouette Jodie Scully 13:40:00 DR Arena A