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We have compiled a list of very frequently asked questions, which will usually be asked on a Monday or Tuesday morning – usually half an hour before the closing time for an event!  As you can appreciate, the phone is extremely busy at these times, so it may be difficult to get through first time… we thought to avoid the frustrations and anguish, the following might be of help!





When’s my dressage time?  Can I have a late time?


Dressage times are usually published on the website at least 2 days prior to the event.  All entries need to be compiled, collated and checked before dressage times can be confirmed. 

We will try to accommodate requests for early/late dressage times however, this is not always possible, but you need to ask Amelia BEFORE close of entry.


How do I get to the event, do you have directions?


The directions are on the website, but if you are still unsure, please telephone the event organisers direct as they will be able to give you clear instruction. 

Please try and call before the morning of the event!

Alternatively, use Google Maps 


I’ve pulled a muscle and can’t compete.  Can I have my money back or transfer it to a new event?

If a rider or horse has sustained an injury after entries have closed, we are sorry, but we are not able to refund the entry fee. 

 If a rider or horse is withdrawn prior to the close of entry, however, a full refund will be given.


If I can’t compete after close of entry and won’t be attending, do I need to tell anyone?

Yes!  Please email or telephone head office.  More often than not there is a waiting list of people who couldn’t get in due to high numbers.  If you are withdrawing, please let us know so we can let someone else take your place.


My son wants me to enter him for an event at the weekend, he’s now gone to school and I don’t know what to do….


See the quick checklist below to make sure you have all the information to hand before going online, or calling for help at HQ! 


Where can I find the Dressage Tests?


On the home page, click Downloads

On the left hand side, scroll down to Dressage Tests, then select National Tests.

If you haven’t got the internet, please contact the office and we will send you out the correct test – but please make sure you request the test in plenty of time!


I can’t find my horse on the website


Is the horse registered?  Have you sent in a copy of the horse naming page of the passport to EI?  Until the passport has been seen, you won't be able to enter your horse into an event.

 See the checklist below to find out.


I can’t find the Go button when trying to enter a competition


Are you logged in?  Are you registered?  You need to register with EI before you can enter a competition or view any downloads.


How do I buy a day membership or registration online

Firstly you have to be logged in.  If you or the the horse has never been registered, you need to become web only members.  Fill in all the membership details and add in your horses details and save.  

Choose the event you want to enter, select your class and pay for the entry and day membership and/or registration. 

Day memberships and registrations can be purchased online for members 18 years and over and for intro and pre-novice classes only.

Under 18's need to fill out Day Membership forms and send to Head Office with a Letter of Competency and Parental Consent Forms - all available from the Downloads section of the website.

Novice Day Memberships can only be applied for by post and horse/riders must meet the minimum eligibility required.


I want to compete as an Amateur.  How do I do this?

Only people registered as Amateur owner/rider can be registered to compete in the Amateur classes. You will need to update your membership to become a Amateur - and you can do this by ticking the box in the Membership page on My Account.  You must be 21 years or over to be an Amateur and current rules apply.


Where can I find copies of forms?

All forms are stored in Forms ( situated on the top right hand side of home page). You must be logged in to view these.


I want to read up on the rules, where can I find the up-to-date rules?

The rules are kept in the Downloads part of the website. 

On the homepage, look at the top right hand corner, click on Downloads/Forms and look at left hand menu and select Eventing Ireland Rule Book

Any amendments are also put in the back of the latest Schedule.


How do I upgrade my pony/junior horse and rider?

You need to contact your Regional Co-Ordinator, details can be found on the website (Under About EI, then in the region) or contact your Regional Chairman.



I would like to book stabling?  Who do I contact?

Stabling can be made online with your entry. If you want stabling after you've booked your entry, go into your event and click Event Extras. 

It is your responsibility to book the stables.  

If booking off-site, you will need find out where the stables are in relation to the event and directions to the stables! 


My scores are incorrect, who do I speak to?

You should always query your score at the event within 30 minutes of them being posted if you think it is incorrect.  Score sheets can be checked there and then and recalculated if your claim is confirmed. it is free to make a query.

As per the EI Rule Book, Rule 20.1, there is an Objection Form (the Event Secretary will have a copy) which can be filled in and lodged with the Secretary along with €50. As always, the Steward's decision is final. 

If you have left the event before final scores were published and you have a discrepancy,it is unlikely it will be changed.  It is your responsibility to check the final results before you leave, or have a friend check them for you.  


I would like to volunteer for an event

You will be asked to volunteer when you become a member.  You can always amend your volunteering roles or venues if you are unable to make your original choice.

You will be reminded one month before your volunteering event to confirm that you will be attending.  If you can't attend, you must nominate someone to volunteer on your behalf.

If you just like helping at events, contact the Event Organiser and they will be more than happy to find you a role!  We couldn't run events without you!

Happy Volunteering!!


Why do I have to volunteer for an event – does everyone have to do this?

Without volunteers there would be no events.  If you are regularly competing in eventing, you should also regularly help your region by volunteering.  We ask that you volunteer once in the season for Southern Region Members and three times if you are a Northern Region Member, so please make yourself available.  It doesn’t have to be all day – but a couple of hours makes all the difference.

If you are competing and have a gap in your schedule on the day – why don’t you ask if you can relieve a fence judge for an hour.  Your time will be greatly appreciated.


I read in the rules I have to have my hat tagged before show jumping and cross country – is this correct, and if so how do I do this?

When you register with the secretary to get your number, inform him/her that you need to get your hat tagged.  They will arrange for you to meet the hat tagger to get this done. 

Your hat(s) must be tagged prior to your show jumping or cross country run or the steward will not let you compete.

Your hat is only tagged once – so you will need to have all hats used in competing tagged. You do not need to do this every time you compete – unless of course you buy a new hat!


I have leased/borrowed a horse from another Eventing Ireland member, how do I register the horse under my own name.

If the owner wishes it registered in their own name, they must register it. 

Only the owner of a horse can register a horse at the beginning of the year.


What is the most economical way of using my shopping cart?

You can put as many payments into the shopping cart as you like.  To make multiple entries, go as far as the shopping cart, then click home before paying. 

Once you are satisfied you have purchased everything you want, click checkout.  This way you only pay one transaction charge.

However you cannot renew/upgrade membership/registrations at the same time as making an entry, as you will still be charged for day tickets until the membership has been processed.


Why do I get an error message?

If you get an error message, please contact head office so we can rectify any problems immediately!


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