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Author: Alison Packman/Sunday 11 February 2018/Categories: National Championships

The National Championships will be held for a second year at Kilguilkey House from 14-15 September 2019.

Will all competitors please note the following important information:

All entries must be recieved by noon on 3 September 2019

Those requiring MER's please note final qualifications can be made at :

  • Loughanmore on 31 August
  • Hillcrest 2 on 1 September

All competitors need to make their entries by 3 September.  The results at Loughanmore and Hillcrest 2 will count as the final MERs for the National Championships. 

If you do not get your final MER at those events, your entry will be refunded (less admin charge)

All entries will be checked by Head Office after close of entries and those not eligible will be notified by email.

The Qualification Criteria are as follows: 

  • You must be a member of Eventing Ireland and your horse must be registered to take part in the National Championships
  • EI90, EI100 and EI110 classes require three completions (at chosen level) as horse/rider combination from January 2019.  The 3 completions (with qualifying MERs) must be at the class being entered or 2 MER's at the class and one MER for the higher class (ie: 2 x EI90 and 1 x EI100 will be eligible for EI90 class).
  • MERs for EI90, EI100 and EI110 are Dressage minimum 55%, no more than 16 show jumping penalties and clear XC jumping for each event.  (Time penalties do not apply)
  • Try Eventing, Park Eventing, Flexi-Eventing or Combined Training results do not apply.  Results must be for EI NATIONAL competitions only.
  • EI115 (Open) Class is open to all horses with 11 points or more.  Normal qualification rules apply.
  • EI120 Class is open to all horses with 51 points or more.  Normal qualification rules apply.
  • ERQI's must be amber or green 5 days before the start of the event.  Combinations with Red ERQI's can either move down a class, if eligible, or have a refund (less administration charges).

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