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Author: Alison Packman/Tuesday 26 March 2019/Categories: General News

All members will by now have received an Eventing Ireland newsletter, which will be sent out regularly to the membership.  We hope this regular communication is well received and if there is anything you would like to see, please let us know.

The following is a summary of what was in the Newsletter:


From 1 January 2019, all memberships and registrations will now be valid for a full twelve month period.  Previously, memberships and registrations were from 1 January – 31 December inclusive.  So a last year member joining in June was only benefitting 6 months membership.

An automatic email will be sent to you one month before your membership and registration expires reminding you that it is time for renewal.  

If you try to enter an event after the date that your membership and/or registration has expired, you will be charged for a day membership and day registration.

We hope this initiative will encourage new or existing members to join at any time during the year, and register their horses, knowing they will be able to compete for a full 12 months as a paid up member.  

Please note, there have been no increases in the cost of memberships or registrations for horses with 11+ points since 2013.


The website is undergoing some changes which we hope to have fully rolled out by 29 March 2019.  Below is a summary of these changes:

EI80 Class

The EI80 class is being trialled for 2019 and will be open to both horses (aged 4 and above) and ponies (aged 5 and above).  Athletes from the year of their 12th birthday may compete in this class as a member or day member, horses/ponies may compete as registered or on a day registration.  Please note underage athletes must complete a competency form and parental consent form and send to Head Office before the entry will be accepted.

Athlete Comment Box

There is a new comments box for athletes to put in specific requests regarding relevant information for their entry to an event.  This information will be seen by Head Office and the event organiser – similar to the comments box for stabling.  For example, if you have two horses in the same class, you can request to ride Horse A before Horse B (if the class/times allow).

Day Memberships and Registrations for EI110 Classes

If you are a restricted member and your horse is registered as restricted, you will be able to purchase  an EI110 day membership and registration online (if ERQI rating is amber or green).  Previously, you could only do this via Head Office.

Non-members and non-registered horses will still have to contact Head Office to make an entry into this class and the usual criteria will be checked before a day ticket/entry is made.

Upcoming Events

Only national and home international events will show on the front of the home page.  

All national training (ie: Try Eventing/combined training) and high-performance training will be found under their relevant tabs – which you will see on the left hand side when you click the ‘Upcoming Events’ bar on the home page.

Amateur Tick Box

If you wish to compete as an Amateur, you need to tick the Amateur box when you make your membership.  If you are unsure of whether you qualify as an Amateur, there is now a link to the Amateurs page defining the criteria.


The Eventing Ireland 2019 Rule Book has now been published on the website and can be downloaded HERE. Hard copies can also be purchased for €15 in hard format from Head Office.  

All changes are highlighted in RED - please remember it is your obligation to be conversant with these Rules and Regulations. 


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