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Author: Alison Packman/Thursday 21 November 2019/Categories: General News, ERQI Information

The latest findings from EquiRatings brought welcome news for Eventing Ireland with 2019 proving a successful year on a number of key indicators. 1259 different riders competed in the cross country phase this season in Ireland in 2019 (national and international), more than any other year since EquiRatings and Eventing Ireland began working together in 2016.  Eventing Ireland also saw an increase in the number of horses running cross country, 2147, up 38 on 2018.

The key work with EquiRatings and the introduction of the ERQI system has been based around risk management. 2019 saw the overall XC jumping clear rate (international and national, all levels) increase to a four year high at 81.3%. Rider falls and horse falls are at their lowest in four years. 151 rider falls from 8237 runs (rate 1.81%) and 41 horse falls from 8237 runs (rate 0.49%).  It is the first year the horse fall rate has ever dropped below half a percent.

“We were delighted to see the numbers coming back in 2019” said EquiRatings Managing Director Diarmuid Byrne. “We are very conscious of chance variation and we do not get too ahead of ourselves when we see one year of positive return but is encouraging to see fall rates consistently dropping since 2016 and clear rates increasing. Eventing Ireland and its members are taking the challenges of risk management seriously”.

“Managing our risk and understanding what measures we can take to improve the sport here has been a key part of the governance in recent years. The latest figures are the result of a number of measures and the hard work of everyone across the organisation, with particular thanks to the volunteers and scorers whose input has been critical in helping us understand where to concentrate our efforts” said EI Chairman David O’Meara

Other proposals which were put forward focus on the information and engagement of EI members, with a particular focus on EI90, EI100 and EI110. These three levels account for over 70% of runs each season and EquiRatings and Eventing Ireland are now exploring ways to introduce new leagues and records at these levels to continue to grow the sport.  

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