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Author: Alison Packman/Wednesday 17 February 2021/Categories: General News

Eventing Ireland Website Upgrades

We are delighted to announce that there are some significant new changes to the website which will make finding information much easier for you.  These changes will be live from approximately 7pm on Thursday 18 February.  The website will be down for approximately one hour from 5.30pm whilst the upgrades are being done and we apologise for any inconvenience during this time. 

What’s new?

Event Opening/Closing Information

You will now be able to see the status of an event on the Events Page.

There are four status types:

  • Pending (the event is yet to open)
  • Event Open
  • Event Full
  • Event Closed

 Each event will have a button next to it giving a quick visual glance of the current status.

The following is a mock-up graphic to show how the Upcoming Events page will look:


Unless otherwise specified, all national events will now open automatically at 9am on the Monday two weeks before the close of entries. 

Entries will close at noon on the Tuesday prior to the event that weekend.

All information regarding each event will now be in the Event Details page – please read it!

Please remember to refresh your screen at 9am if you are waiting to make an entry on the Monday morning as the icon does not automatically refresh itself.

Membership and Horse Registration Information

Your membership expiry and horse registration expiry dates will now be visible when you log into the website. 

This information can be found in the green menu bar on the top right of the website – where you log in. 


 It will also be shown when you click ‘My Account’ and click the ‘Membership Type’ box.

 You will now be able to update your membership or horse registration within one month before it expires – without losing a month’s membership/registration.  The  Renew Now icon will show below when you are able to renew your membership

If you own horses, the expiry of the horse registration will be shown under the Horses/Ponies box in your account. 

It is important to note that if your membership expires, your horse registrations (if they are still valid) will be invalid until your membership is renewed.  You will not be able to enter horses into events if your membership is not renewed.

Number of Horses per Athlete

The number of horses ridden by an athlete will now be set depending on the number of entries allowed during the current Government Restrictions.  If the maximum number of horses per athlete is set to 3, the athlete will not be able to have more than 3 horses in the event.

 The number of horses ridden by an athlete will be shown on the Event Details page if multiple rides have been restricted.  

Minimum Eligibility Requirements (MERs) now Visible

Under the results page, there is a new column called MER’s.  If you have gained an MER at an event, it will show a Y (yes) next to your result.  If you have not, it will be blank. 

This feature will help if you are making international applications to an international event as it will clearly show if you have the required MERs or not.   

Please remember to read the Rule Book regarding the MERs for international events.  The 2021 Rule Book will be published shortly. 

Automated Points for National Events

Points for national events have been automated and will now be visible on the Monday morning after the weekend’s events.   The points allocation for all national events has been done manually since the website began. 

Points for all international events will continue to be done manually at the moment.  As per Rule 8.1 If you compete overseas you must notify Head Office in writing within 5 days of the competition advising  your results so your horses competition record can be correctly recorded.

Please do not hesitate to contact Head Office if you have any questions regarding the website upgrades.

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