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Restricted Day Membership/Registration Information

For riders/horses wishing to compete at EI90 and EI100 level

Restricted Day Memberships and Registrations can be purchased online with an entry and the process is as follows: 

1. Log into the website using your membership number and password.  If you do not have a membership number, please follow the instructions to create one - it is free to become a web member. 

2. If your horse has never competed at an event before, click 'my horses' and then add a horse (and save as Web Only). Fill out details as requested. Update. 

3. If your horse is already in the database but not registered (ie: paid for), go straight to the Event of your choice and click enter button for your class (EI90 or EI100). You will be asked to 'Choose this horse (enter with a day ticket at additional cost)'. Select the horse. 

4. If your horses name does not appear, use the Search Box to select your horse (it is only necessary to put in the first few letters of the horses name for the details to appear). From the list given, select your horse as detailed above. 

5. The process is then repeated to select a rider 

6. When you view your shopping cart, you will see that you will be charged for a day ticket.  Please remember, if you are entering a Northern Region event, you will be charged in Sterling, for Southern Region events you will be charged in Euro.

Membership Type     Restrict Day Memb     Restricted Horse     Unreg Horse     Total        
Full Member - - €15/£15 €15/£15
Restricted Member - - €15/£15 €15/£15
Non-Member €25/£25 €0/£0 na €25/£25
Non-Member €25/£25 - €20/£20 €45/£45

Day Membership and Registration Costs

Day Membership         Non-Member             Restricted Member
EI90, EI100, EI105 €25/£25 -
EI110 €25/£25 €10/£10

Day Registration          Unregistered Horse   Restricted Horse
EI90, EI100 €20/£20 -
EI110 €20/£20 €10/£10

For example, if you were a restricted member and wanted to ride an unregistered horse at EI90 or EI100 level, you would pay €0/£0 day membership (as you are already a restricted member) and €10/£10 for an unregistered horse plus your entry fee. Non-members may apply for Restricted Day Memberships and Registrations to enable them and their horses to compete in Eventing Ireland competitions. 

Restricted Day Memberships and Registrations can only be used in EI105, EI100 and EI90 classes.  Horses must be registered to compete in EI105 classes.

EI Members are also able to purchase Restricted Day Registrations in order to give an unregistered horse introductory runs. 

Restricted members can upgrade their memberships/horse registrations at any time. 

A Full or Restricted Day Membership and Registration effectively registers one horse and rider for a competition. The owner if different from the rider is not registered.



Riders must provide their qualifying results with the application which will be validated by Head Office before it is accepted, along with all other required documentation. Please allow 5 working days to process your application - so enter your chosen event in plenty of time in case of queries.

  • If horses are not registered with Eventing Ireland, riders must supply Head Office (by post, fax or email) the naming page of the passport before their entry will be processed
  • Entry will only be accepted once performance record has been supplied by the rider and verified by Head Office.
  • Novice Day Memberships will be limited to three horse/rider combinations in any one season. The rider will have to upgrade to full membership if he/she wishes to compete in further Novice Level competitions

Novice and Restricted Day Membership and Registration Forms

Novice and Restricted Day Membership and Registration Forms can be downloaded from the Downloads Section below.

Completed forms/payment must be sent to Head Office before close of Postal Entries for the selected event. Please allow 5 working days to process application.

Underage Riders

Riders must be in the year of their 12th birthday in order to be eligible to compete on a Restricted Day Ticket. Note: Day Memberships for UNDER 18's must be applied for by Post and must be accompanied by a signed Parent Consent Form along with a Letter of Competency/approval from their Regional Pony Club or approved riding instructor.

Additional Information

Each Day Membership/Registration is designated to a specific horse/rider combination and is not transferable. The number of Restricted Day Memberships and Registrations is unlimited for all. Like full members, a Non-Member Day Membership competitor must adhere to the current Eventing Ireland Rules as they are effectively members of Eventing Ireland for the Day of Competition. The horse is also effectively registered with Eventing Ireland for the Day of Competition. Riders must be in possession of, and wear the correct hat and body protector. The current Eventing Ireland Rule Book is available to download in the Downloads section. All riders will also require a number bib and medical cardholder. Riders are advised to borrow or purchase these in advance of the event. At Northern Region competitions, these can be purchased from the Secretary's caravan at events Entry fee is in addition to this membership.

It is recommended Day Member Riders have Personal Liability Insurance and will be asked to enter these details on their application form. We also recommend that all Day Member Riders are covered under their own Personal Accident Insurance.


In the event of a forced withdrawal before the event closing date, the Day Membership, Registration and Entry fee will be refunded in full. Please contact or telephone 045 854545 if you have any questions regarding Day Memberships or Registrations.

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