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Childeric Sellier Announced as Sponsor for Eventing Ireland Amateur Leagues

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Eventing Ireland is thrilled to announce a significant partnership with renowned saddle manufacturer Childeric Sellier, which will see Childeric sponsor all three of the Eventing Ireland Amateur leagues in 2024.

The partnership between Eventing Ireland and Childeric Sellier signifies a shared commitment to nurturing talent within the Amateur Eventing community. Through this sponsorship, Childeric Sellier aims to empower Amateur riders by providing them with essential resources to enhance their skills and reach their full potential in the sport.


As such, in addition to providing generous prizes to the top 6 combinations at the culmination of each of the three Eventing Ireland Amateur Leagues, Childeric Sellier has pledged a generous contribution of €2000 towards Eventing Ireland Amateur training. The Childeric Amateur Eventing Pathway is the first such initiative for Eventing Ireland Amateurs and, in conjunction with the Eventing Ireland National Training Committee, will provide valuable opportunities to Amateur riders through clinics, workshops, and other training sessions. 

“We are delighted to join forces with Eventing Ireland to support Amateur riders both through the Childeric Amateur leagues and the Childeric Amateur Eventing Pathway,” said Elliott Reeves, Saddle Specialist for Childeric Ireland. “At Childeric Sellier, we are passionate about fostering talent and promoting excellence in equestrian sports. This sponsorship reflects our dedication to empowering amateur riders on their journey towards success.”

“We are extremely grateful to Childeric Sellier for their generous support of the Eventing Ireland Amateur Leagues,” said Niki Potterton, Chairman of Eventing Ireland. “This sponsorship not only underscores the value of grassroots development in eventing but also underscores Childeric Sellier’s commitment to investing in the future of the sport. Together, we are empowering our Eventing Ireland Amateur riders to pursue their passion for Eventing and achieve their goals.”

The League tables will be hosted on the Eventing Ireland Stats Centre and will be updated after every event – so the thrill of seeing the movers and the shakers in each league as they develop throughout the year will only add to the excitement.

About Childeric Sellier: Childeric Sellier is a renowned manufacturer of premium equestrian equipment, specialising in high-quality saddles and accessories designed to optimize comfort, performance, and harmony between horse and rider. With a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, Childeric Sellier is committed to delivering superior products that meet the needs of equestrians at every level. Find out more:

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