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The following was submitted by the FEI to officials on 10 March 2023.

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The implementation of Frangible Devices has grown rapidly in the last few years and the latest standard (Version 2.(5), March 2020) which includes the fitting of “Yellow Clips” for Table and Corner fences are now being seen regularly at events, (250 table kits rolling out in the USA at present).

Serious injury to Horses and Riders has reduced with 2022 recording the lowest rotational fall rate since recordings began.

Like all safety devices, the FEI approved frangible devices MUST be fitted correctly to the manufacturer’s instructions which have been extensively tested. This ensures that the devices break with the correct energy- not too light or hard.

To help all FEI Officials and Course Builders, MIM have developed “One Page correct fitting checks” that can easily be used pre-event when building and/or on first inspection of the course, to ensure the most important measurements in fitting MIM devices have been implemented, so they break correctly.

MIM ONE PAGE CORRECT FITTING CHECKS are available to print out from the FEI website (Eventing / Risk Management / Deformable & Frangible Devices). These check lists have also been added in the updated Cross Country Guide for Officials (Updated on 09.03.2023) available on the website (Eventing / Rules) and in the FEI Rule App as well as on the Officials Facebook page.

They are available for the following kits:

  • Table kit 80320
  • Corner kit 80326
  • Gate and Wall kit 80324
  • Old Gate and Wall kit 00324

TD’s, CD’s and GJ should use these check lists during course inspections and check that the Course Builders have fitted the Frangible devices to the correct measurements. Any frangible device not fitted according to the “MIM One page correct fitting checks” should be altered by the Course Builder / Course Designer.


The instructions for the following kits have been updated.

One change includes the use of the eye bolt tension system for both RED and YELLOW clip construction that has been tested in the UK for some time.

In addition, as the WEIGHT of the timber used is important to ensure MIM devices activate with the correct activation energy, MIM have updated all their instructions REMOVING some of the timber dimensions and making the WEIGHT RANGES clearer. We hope this will allow Course Designers / Course Builders to use more natural timbers including for Table type fences which can be built to look like filled in Oxers.

The following instruction manuals have been updated:

  • Oxer kit – 80329
  • Post & Rail Kit – 80321
  • Post & Rail Adjustable Kit – 80325
  • Post & Rail Narrow Kit – 80322
  • Gate & Wall Kit – 80324
  • Older Gate and Wall Kit – 00324
  • Table Kit – 80320
  • Older Table Kit Update – 00320
  • Corner Kit – 80326


The Risk Management Steering Group and MIM are keen to see the use of more different types, including natural and not machined timbers, in the building of frangible fences in the future. As the frangible devices are more widely adopted, this will allow Course Designers and Course Builders to use many different material options.

The WEIGHT of the timber used is important to ensure MIM devices work correctly. MIM have therefore updated all their instructions REMOVING some of the timber dimensions and making the WEIGHT RANGES clearer. We hope this will allow Course Designers and Course Builders to use more natural timbers including for Table fence types which could be built to look like filled in Oxers.


 The weighing can be done once, at the time of manufacture. A scale hanging from the front of a tractor is all that is needed as pictured below.

A hanging scale as shown, can be bought (for under $100).


MIM have developed a “Weight plate” to be fixed on all newly built fences fitted with MIM frangible devices. The plates can be ordered, free of charge, from MIM (

  • All new MIM kits will have the plate included
  • Weighing the fence when it is newly built and the timber is likely to be the heaviest is acceptable whether the fence is WET or DRY
  • The plate can be fitted to the end of a rail or an upright
  • It must be filled in by the Course Designer or Course Builder with a permanent marker so all Officials can see the fence / rail fits the correct weight
  • All NEW fences must be built to the correct weight as from April 2023
  • Any existing fences weighing outside the weights indicated in the instruction manual must be changed as soon as practical and should not be used by 1 January 2025


Any questions about correct fitting of frangible devices are to be addressed to:

Note: please be mindful of time zones if using their mobile numbers

They are available and happy to answer any time.

A list of Frangible Device Advisors is also available in the MIM FAQs document.

  • If a frangible device is incorrectly fitted, it would be very helpful if you could take a photo and send it (to the above-mentioned) as it will help to identify what errors are being made and improve the instruction manuals accordingly.

All information relating to Frangible Devices is available on the FEI website under Eventing / Risk Management / Frangible Devices


In addition, the “FAQ Judging fences with Frangible technology” has also been updated to provide a clarification when a combination has a refusal and breaks a frangible device. Please refer to the document published under Eventing / Rules (also available in the FEI Rule App).


Please take note of the following amendments:

Frangible Deformable Devices (pages 20-21-22-23-24-25)

  • Recommendation that all new table type fences are made frangible
  • Addition of the forces at which fences fall/break
  • Addition of the MIM One Page correct fitting checks
  • Reference to the “Instructions for weighing MIM fences”

Dimensions – Table type fences (page 29)

  • Table type fences: it is highly recommended that all new table type fences are made frangible

The Cross Country Guide for Officials is the indispensable reference document. We encourage you to regularly consult it, as it is frequently updated.

Available on the FEI website (Eventing / Rules) and in the FEI Rule App.


The following 2023 Eventing reports have been updated and are available on the FEI website (Officials / Eventing / Eventing Forms):

  • Eventing Reports – TD Report, Judge Report, Chief Steward Report, Athlete Report, Fall Report, etc.
  • Fence Description (and Instructions for filling in Fence Description Form): An additional column “fence removed” has been added to record any fence removed before or during XC test
  • Fence Analysis: when a fence is removed either before or during the XC, please indicate for “obstacles removed – not jumped” (ORNJ) to identify combinations


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