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TRI Equestrian Grassroots Championship 2024 will take place at Ballindenisk, Co Cork, from 13-14 July.

This championship offers classes at EI80, EI90 and EI100 and is exclusively for our grassroots members and those who are new to the sport of Eventing. The Championship is open to both members and non-members. Qualifiers and the final will be run under Eventing Ireland rules.


TRI Equestrian named as Title Sponsor for the Grassroots Championships

TRI Equestrian named as Title Sponsor for the 2024 Grassroots Championships

Eventing Ireland is thrilled to announce TRI Equestrian as the title sponsor for the Grassroots Championships, being held at Ballindenisk, Watergrasshill from 13-14 July.

A long standing supporter of Eventing, TRI Equestrian has committed to provide over €5,500 worth of prize vouchers to the top 6 Grassroots athletes in ALL the TRI Equestrian Grassroots Championships classes:

  • TRI Equestrian Grassroots EI100 Open
  • TRI Equestrian Grassroots EI100
  • TRI Equestrian Grassroots EI100P
  • TRI Equestrian Grassroots EI100J
  • TRI Equestrian Grassroots EI90
  • TRI Equestrian Grassroots EI90P
  • TRI Equestrian Grassroots EI80
  • TRI Equestrian Grassroots EI80P

The TRI Equestrian Grassroots Championships aims to give a platform for our incredible Grassroots members, those competing at EI80 to EI100, to compete against each other in their own Championship format.  This year sees the launch of a new EI100 Open class, for athletes competing on horses that have previously competed at EI110 or above with other riders.

Anyone in their 12 year or upwards can compete, whether they’re a full or web only member!  Full details regarding eligibility requirements can be found HERE

TRI Equestrian’s Managing Director Philip Masterson said “as an Irish equestrian business we are delighted to partner with Eventing Ireland. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to promote and nurture eventing talent at the grassroots level, we look forward to contributing to the success of this Grassroots Championship.”

“We are delighted to welcome TRI Equestrian onboard as the title sponsor of our Grassroots Championships.  This is now in its second year and we hope that with TRI’s support, it will be even bigger and better and continue to showcase our Grassroots athletes,” said Niki Potterton, Chairman of Eventing Ireland. “The Grassroots members make up over 55% of the total riding membership – we would not have a sport without them”.

About TRI Equestrian: TRI Equestrian is Ireland’s leading equestrian store, stocking a wide range of quality horse riding equipment, tack, equestrian clothing and equine supplements.  Well known for their knowledgeable and friendly staff, TRI Equestrian offers everything for the horse, rider and more!

Along with two impressive retail stores based at the Curragh in Kildare and at the Meadows Equestrian Centre in Lurgan, they also host two comprehensive websites, delivering to customers based in Ireland, Europe and the UK. Visit the TRI Equestrian website.

Grassroots Championship FAQs

Grassroots Championship FAQs

What is the Grass Roots Championship?

The Grassroots Championship is a new initiative, aimed exclusively at our Grassroots members – those competing at EI80 to EI100.


Do I need to be a member to compete?

You don’t need to be a member of Eventing Ireland to compete, but you will need to create a free Web Only account, to which you can add your horse, so that you can make entries. Web Only members can compete at EI90 and EI100 on day tickets. No day tickets are required for web only members to compete at EI80. Of course, eligible members can compete as well!


How do I qualify?

You can qualify at any EI national event running an EI80, EI90 or EI100 class. You need to have earned two MERs as a combination at your chosen level in the current or preceding season to qualify for the Final. Qualifications can be earned from all EI80 to EI100 classes EXCEPT Training classes. Results earned in EI80(T), EI90(T) and EI100(T) classes are NOT eligible.

The cut off for 2024 qualifications is Sunday 7th July.


What’s an MER?

MER stands for Minimum Eligibility Requirement. To earn an MER you need to complete an event with a dressage of no more than 45 penalty points (minimum of 55% good marks), no more than 16 show jumping penalties and clear jumping cross country. You can easily check if you have achieved an MER by looking at your results on our website – there is an MER column beside the Event date. A ‘Y’ in this column means the result is an MER.


Am I eligible?

Any rider who has not completed more than two EI110s in the previous five years can enter – so if you did three EI110’s in 2018, or before, but haven’t competed at that level since, you’re eligible!

There are different criteria for each class:

To compete in the EI80 Grassroots Championship class, a combination must not have earned more than two MERs at EI100 in the previous two years, or may not have earned more than three MERs at EI90 in the previous year.

For the EI90 Grassroots Championship class, a combination must not have earned more than four MERs at EI100 level in the previous two years.

For the EI100 Grassroots Championship class, a combination must not have earned more than seven MERs at EI100 in the previous season.

For the EI100 Open Grassroots Championship class, a combination may have any number of MERs at EI100, but the rider must NOT have more than two MERs at EI110 level in the previous five years.


Is my horse/pony eligible?

Any horse or pony that has not earned more than two MERs at or above EI110 is eligible for the regular Grassroots classes.

A horse with more than two MERs at EI110 level is eligible for the EI100 Open Grassroots class, providing the rider does not have more than two MERs at EI110.

A horse must be minimum 148cm and 4 years old, and a pony must be minimum 138cm and 5 years old.


Can an adult ride a pony?

Yes, an adult can ride a pony of 143cm or over.


What’s the minimum age for a rider?

Pony riders can compete from the year in which they turn 12. For a full breakdown of membership and class types, visit


Can I earn MERs from Training (T) classes?

The results of training classes are not kept on the system after the weekend, so you can’t use a result from a T class to qualify.


Can I use the same MERs for the Grass Roots Championship at the National Championships?

Yes, any MERs that are gained before the Grassroots Championship can also be used towards qualifying for the National Championships in September. Remember, you will need to be a full member, with a fully registered horse, to compete in the National Championships!


Will there be Amateur classes at the Grass Roots Championships?

No, there will not be separate Amateur classes at the Grassroots Championships – theoretically, everyone competing there will be an amateur! However, you can qualify through Amateur classes at national events, if you wish.


Is my tack legal?

The Grassroots Championship – all qualifiers and the final – is run under regular Eventing Ireland rules. Our rulebook can be downloaded from

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