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Eventing Ireland Introduces Dark Jods in National Competition

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As part of Eventing Ireland’s commitment to its Diversity, Inclusion and Equality policy, at its recent meeting, the Board discussed the subject of whether Eventing Ireland should follow other sporting bodies and clubs, such as the IRFU, GAA, British Riding Clubs, British Dressage and multiple national governing bodies in Soccer, as well as national clubs, and give our athletes the choice to compete in dark coloured jodhpurs at national and training competitions.

According to the Women’s Sports Federation, 1 in 2 girls drop out of sport before they reach the age of 20. One of the main reasons stated was insecurity and feeling self-conscious about their bodies. (Trinity News). A Women in Sport study (reported by the BBC) surveyed 4,000 teenagers, who stated that the reasons for giving up on their sports included body image, puberty and fear of judgement. A 2021 Adidas survey found that “one in four girls drop out of sport during adolescence, citing fear of period leakage” (BBC.)

The membership was sent a survey asking for their opinion on the matter and a resounding 78.5% were in favour of the rule change.

Following this result, the EI Board were unanimous in its decision last night (11 December) to introduce the rule from 1 January 2024, applicable to all athletes.  It was agreed that any solid colour, such as navy blue, brown, dark grey or black (including white jodhpurs with dark seat) will be permitted.



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