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Eventing Ireland

How do I change/withdraw my entry?

You can manage your entries through the Members Area. Whilst entries are still open, you can change a class, horse or rider, and you can make withdrawals until the Event

What is a (T) or (Q) class?

(T) classes, e.g. EI90 (T), EI100 (T), are Training classes. Training classes are run under Eventing Ireland rules - all of the same rules regarding eliminations, tack, dress, etiquette etc

Hat tagging

When you arrive on site at your first event, take each of your hats to the secretary's office and inform him/her that you need to get your hat tagged.  They

Why do I have to volunteer for an event?

Without volunteers there would be no events.  If you are regularly competing in eventing, you should also regularly help your region by volunteering.  We ask that you volunteer once in

My scores are incorrect, what do I do?

You should always query your score at the event within 30 minutes of them being posted if you think it is incorrect.  Score sheets can be checked there and then and recalculated

How do I purchase a day ticket?

Firstly you have to be logged in.  If you or the horse has never been registered, you need to become web only members.  See the Website How-To section for instructions.

Where can I find Dressage Tests?

Click this link Dressage Tests  then select National Tests.  Make sure you check the required tests in plenty of time – and double check again before the event should there

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