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What is an Amateur rider?

5.3 Amateur Athletes
a) An amateur athlete is one who receives no income from riding, producing horses or
coaching athletes.
b) Athletes may compete in any amateur competition from the beginning of the calendar year in
which they reache the age of 21 (twenty one).
c) Amateur athletes must tick the amateur box when renewing membership to identify
themselves as amateurs or they will not be able to enter the Amateur class
d) Amateur athletes must complete the questionnaire and send to Amateur Committee to
confirm their amateur status
e) Amateurs may register a maximum of three horses in any one season in their own name
f) The amateur athlete must comply with the ethos of the amateur class at the discretion of the
Amateur Committee. Anyone who feels they are technically outside these qualifications but
could qualify within the spirit of the amateur class may apply in writing to the Amateur
Committee for consideration prior to entering any Amateur Classes. The decision of the
Amateur Committee is final.
g) An Amateur athlete who competes in a CCI3*-S or L class or above will not be permitted to
ride in EI110 Amateur classes or below on that horse for the remainder of that calendar year.
h) Amateur athletes will not be permitted to compete in classes over 1.30m at SJI or equivalent.
i) Amateur athletes who are in High Performance Training or on Athlete Bursaries in the
current season will not be allowed to compete as in Amateur Classes
j) No athletes are allowed to compete in Amateur classes for a season after they have
competed for their country on any team or nominated as an individual
k) All Amateur Rules are policed by the Amateur Committee. Full details regarding eligibility as
an Amateur can be found under the ‘Amateur Section’ on the Eventing Ireland website.


In addition, the Amateur Box must be ticked in your membership details. This can also be done at any time, by logging into your account and clicking on “Settings.” At the bottom of the Account Settings screen, there is a toggle button labelled “Is Amateur”. Click this to the on position, so that it turns green.

If there are any queries regarding the eligibility of an Amateur athlete, these should be emailed in confidence to the Amateur Committee Here

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