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Concussion Guidelines

Anyone can suffer from concussion, but woman are more than TWICE as likely to suffer than men, while youths from 11-24 take DOUBLE the length of time to recover.

If Concussion is suspected you must STOP riding or taking part in any other horse related activities. A gradual return to riding is recommended based on symptoms. It is very important to initially rest for 48 hours at least.

It also means taking time out from looking at your phone to give your brain time to recover!

Recent guidance recommends slow exercise off your horse, monitor your symptoms and gradually return to the saddle over 2 weeks. Do not return to full riding until 21 days. By doing this you decrease the risk of 2nd Impact Syndrome, which can occur if injury occurs within 3 weeks of a past concussion and can be very serious.

Currently under EI rules:
• Anyone who is suspected of having concussion will be given a leaflet from the medical officer on site and will not be permitted to ride for the rest of the day
• If sent to hospital with trauma or suspected concussion, the athlete must get a discharge letter from the hospital and send to Dr Mary Flannery
• If sent home from an event with suspected concussion, the athlete must notify their own GP immediately and see them again in 21 days to ensure they are fit to compete and have sufficiently recovered. The return to competition note should be sent to Dr Mary (See Rule 18.3)
• If an athlete has been stood down, they will be suspended from any EI competition or training for a period of 21 days – and that includes suspension from riding at any events, including other affiliate events.

The following is a very comprehensive document from the BEF outlining what to do if an athlete sustains concussion.   To view please click HERE



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