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How do I register my horse with the FEI?

Registering a horse with the FEI

All FEI horse registration forms need to be accompanied with either a copy of the horses breeding passport or the original breeding passport. This will be compulsory for all newly registered horses.

It will be necessary for HSI to upload scans of a horse’s approved identification document to the FEI Database.

The passport pages needed for an FEI horse registration are:

Page(s) from the approved national passport containing the name of the horse
Description and Diagram page(s) of approved national passport
Page(s) from the approved national passport containing basic information about the horse

(e.g. Colour, Gender, Date of birth etc.)

Pedigree page from the approved national passport (optional)
Ownership page from the approved national passport (optional)

Those pages have to be send to HSI as very clear scans by email or very clear scans by post since the FEI won’t accept any copies that aren’t readable. If you aren’t in a position to send clear copies please send the original breeding passport and we will copy the relevant pages here and post the passport back to you.

PLEASE NOTE: No applications (name changes, recognition cards, registrations, ownership change sand revalidations) will be done without the relevant forms filled out and signed. All forms can be found on the Horse Sport Ireland website here.)  If you have any questions please click  HERE or contact:

Susann Tschoerner

Horse Sport Ireland

Phone: 045-854507

Email: [email protected]


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