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Eventing Ireland

In which classes can my horse compete?

The level at which your horse can compete are explained below:

Horse points           Classes that can be entered
0 – 10 EI80, EI90, EI100, EI105, EI110
11 – 20 EI100, EI105, EI110, EI115
21 – 50 EI110(Open), EI115
51 and above EI110(Open), EI115(Open), EI120

Hors Concours is still available to a horse with over 11 points wishing to compete at EI80, EI90, EI100 and EI105 (Hors Concours means you can compete in the class but will not be placed – your result will show HC)

Horses registered as Restricted may only compete in EI80, EI90, EI100 and EI105 classes.  Those wishing to compete at EI110 level will need to purchase a day registration or can upgrade at anytime if they wish.

By definition EI80, EI90, EI100, EI110 Amateur, EI110J (ie. the Amateur and Junior classes) are open classes and therefore horses with any number of points may compete in them.

Full details can be found in the Eventing Ireland Rule Book, Rule 32, Grading of Horses (See Downloads Section)

Please note: Horse Registration is valid from 12 months from date of registration.

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