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Eventing Ireland

New Underage Athletes

Underage athletes who are new to Eventing Ireland need to submit a few supporting documents. A parent/guardian must complete the Parental Consent form (found in Info Portal, which is located via the menu at the top right of the screen) and submit a photo/scan of the athlete’s birth certificate or passport. These documents should be uploaded when you create the athlete’s account.

Athletes under the age of 18 must also be approved (with their horse as a combination) by a trainer for all classes EI100 and under. This is necessary in order to ensure that both rider and horse are as safe as possible when they both start out. Ask your regular qualified trainer/instructor to sign the Letter of Competency, found in the Info Portal.

Your regional training coordinator will be able to help and in many cases will be running training in your area which will support your application. View the regional co-ordinators here.

Once a member, if you wish to upgrade to a higher jumping level then you can read more about this here.

Here is some additional useful information for people who are new to Eventing Ireland.

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