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International Applications and Entry Process

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All Irish competitors who intend to enter an international event, whether in Ireland or Overseas, must pay an application fee to ensure eligibility before they can enter the event. Please note, an approved application does not guarantee an entry to the event.  You must still make your entry prior to close of entries.

The current fees are:
  • International Application Fee: €15
  • Late Applications: €30

Applications are non-transferable.

All international applications will  close at 12 noon, one day before the close of entry for that event.  Please note that events may not take late entries, so please ensure you get your application and entry done in time.  If the application date is extended by the Organiser after the initial close of entries, any late applications fees already paid will stand

What do I Need to do Before I Make an Application

  • It is recommended you have your FEI Horse Registration and FEI Rider Licence in place before applying for an event. Please click HERE to apply for FEI registration if you haven’t already done so.  
  • It is imperative that you check your email address is correct (via the My Details page) before you make an application or you will not receive the acknowledgement or permission to enter.  If your details are incorrect, please email Head Office with the correct details.
  • You must have the Minimum Eligibility Requirements (MER’s) as per the Eventing Ireland Rule Book (Rule 30.1).  See below.

What if I Don’t Have my MER’s?

  • Riders can apply and enter an international (CI) event if you can obtain your final MER 10 days before the cross country test of the competition for which it is needed (as per Rule 30.1)

How Do I Make an International Application?

  • Choose the international event where you wish to compete via the Eventing Ireland website
  • Eventing Ireland can only publish details for international events when the Schedule has been approved by the FEI.  If the event you wish to enter is not showing, it may be because the Schedule has not been approved.  Please contact Head Office if in doubt.
  • Click on the ‘Apply/Enter’ button beside the class you wish to enter.
  • You will be asked to declare your nationality for this event.  If you do not have an Irish passport, you will need to apply to your national federation for approval to compete.
  • You will then be asked for the rider name and then the horse name,
  • The next step is to confirm your qualifications.   Please select the events you wish to use as your MERs.  If you are unsure of the MER’s (Minimum Eligibility Requirements) for the class you wish to enter, please refer to Rule 30.1 of the Eventing Ireland Rule book or click HERE).
  • Once the payment has been made you will receive an automatic email acknowledging your application.  This email will also detail what you need to do next.  If you have not got your FEI licence you must now get your documentation in order.
  • If after 48 hours of applying you have not received an acknowledgement email please email the International Administrator at International Applications
  • After the qualifications have been checked you will receive a second email from the International Administrator which will either give you permission to enter or will tell you that you cannot enter as your qualifications are not in order.
  • If you are waiting for a qualification, your application will be PENDING and will either be approved or declined following your final result.
  • In addition to having the correct MERs, it is recommended that your ERQI rating must be Amber or Green to enter an international event (as per Rule 30 of the Eventing Ireland Rule Book)
  • If you have a Red ERQI, it means that either you may have recent issues with form, which has put your ERQI rating in red, or you are an Irish rider competing overseas and your overseas national results will not be logged on the ERQI ratings system. You will need to email Alison Packman in the first instance.

IMPORTANT: ALL approved applications are now entered on the FEI Entry System as a CONFIRMED ENTRY whether you have paid the entry fee or not.  If you have an approved application AND ARE NOT COMPETING at that event for whatever reason, you MUST notify HSI and Head Office as soon as possible so the information can be amended on the FEI Entry System.

When you receive your approved application for Home Internationals, please read the information in the email as this details all the information which will be used in the event programme (ie: owner, breeding, breeder etc).  If any information is incorrect or missing, please email Head Office with the correct details.

When Do I Make my Entry?

  • As soon as you have received your approval notification, you can go ahead and make your entry.
  • Please make sure you enter BEFORE THE CLOSE OF ENTRY as events may NOT take late entries.  It is your responsibility to get your entry done on time.
  • All Irish International entries are taken via the Eventing Ireland website.  Go to the entries page again, and start the process as before when applying for permission. Do not worry that the cart is showing the €15 application fee. Once you have put in the athletes name and clicked Next you will see the athlete and horse as a combination – click on this and carry on with the process.
  • All overseas international entries must be completed directly via the event, as per the details given in the Schedule.  You cannot make an overseas entry via the Eventing Ireland website!!
  • If the event is accepting late entries, you may be charged a late entry fee.  Late entries and late entry fees are at the discretion of the Event Organiser – not Eventing Ireland.

If you are unable to Compete after receiving an Approved Application or Entry

If you have an approved application and/or entry and have to withdraw for whatever reason, refunds can only be made if Head Office is notified before the close of entries for that event.  Refunds after close of entries will be as per the event Schedule. For refunds to overseas entries, you must contact the organiser direct.

If you have to withdraw your confirmed entry for whatever reason, you MUST notify Aileen Cartwright in HSI and Pat at Head Office as soon as possible so this information can be amended on the FEI Entry System.

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