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League Rules 2024

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The league rules for 2024.  Leagues run from the first event at Frankfort Stud on 16th March until the National Championships on 8th-9th September.  See below for full details:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to all horses, ponies and underage athletes registered with Eventing Ireland (class specific)
  • Only national competitions count towards leagues (not Internationals)
  • An extra point will be awarded to all combinations with a double clear round that were not placed in the top six
  • Points will be awarded per event based on the table below but it is only your TOP SIX runs that eventually count towards your overall league placing
  • Points may not be transferred from one league to another
  • The same horse/rider combination can gain points in more than one league but will only be eligible to accept prizes in one league (of their choosing)

Sponsored Leagues:

  • Treo Eile Thoroughbred Eventing League – open to Thoroughbreds with Weatherbys or equivalent industry passport, competing at all levels of national competition

Points Structure (Pony, Junior and EI90/EI100 Am Leagues)

Placing Points
1st 12
2nd 10
3rd 8
4th 6
5th 4
6th 2
Double Clear 1

Following discussions with EquiRatings, and after consulting with the Amateur and Youth Committees, EI are trialling a new method of calculating league results, in order to ensure the fairest outcomes for athletes.

Rather than league points being calculated purely on placings, the trial uses a weighted points system, calculated according to the number of competitors of that rider type in a class. This system is similar to that which is used by the FEI to calculate their points.

For 2024, this new league scoring system will be trialled for the Childéric EI110 Amateur, the Kentucky Horsewear EI110 Young Rider and Kentucky Horsewear EI115 Young Rider Leagues. If successful, it will be rolled out to all leagues in 2025.

Only a rider’s top 6 results count towards their league standings.




  • In the event of a tie, the combination with the fewest number of runs to achieve their score takes the higher position.
    • e.g. two combinations are tied on 48 points. One combination has achieved 48 points from 6 runs, the other from 4 runs. The combination that has achieved their points from 4 runs takes the higher position.
  • If positions are still tied, the Equality of Marks Rule as per the EI Rule Book will apply.

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