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Passports & Vaccinations

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Riders are reminded to read and comply with the current Eventing Ireland Rules regarding Passports and Vaccinations. Extracts from the Eventing Ireland Rule Book are published below – the full rules can be found in the EI Rule book which can be downloaded free by clicking HERE



17.1 Passports

Passports MUST accompany ALL horse / ponies to ALL competitions. Spot passport checks and
microchipping checks will be carried out at events. All discrepancies must be certified by the vet on the day and notified to the Steward.

Owners / athletes not in possession of passports or those with incorrect passports will be TECHNICALLY ELIMINATED and will not be able to compete.

Horses/ponies competing on a Day Registration must have a correct passport, which must accompany the horse to an event.

Since 1 January 2005, all horses competing in EI/FEI Competitions, require an influenza vaccination as per the following Rules:

17.2 Vaccinations : National Competitions

Eventing Ireland and the FEI have approved sanctions of passport irregularities. As and from 1 January 2006, fines will be imposed by Eventing Ireland and the FEI. FEI fines are listed in the FEI Rule Book.

Loose vaccination certificates are NOT acceptable – all vaccinations must be recorded and stamped in the passport or the athlete will be subject to a €50 fine.

No horse may compete (which includes entering competition stables) unless it has a current vaccination against equine influenza which complies with the following conditions:
• Two injections for primary vaccination, not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days apart, are required before being eligible to compete;
• A first booster injection must be given not less than 150 days nor more than 215 days after the
second injection of primary vaccination;
• Subsequent booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than one year, commencing
after the first booster injection
• Any relevant injection was given not less than seven days from the commencement of the
• If an athlete presents a passport with no vaccination history, the horse will not be allowed to compete until the necessary time for the primary course to be given has elapsed (21 days plus 7days = 28 days).
• If an athlete presents a passport with incorrect vaccinations, that horse will be technically eliminated and not allowed to compete and the athlete may be subject to a €50 fine.
• If an athlete fails to present a passport on request when they are collecting their number, the horse will be technically eliminated and not be allowed to compete. Failure to present a passport may incur a fine of €50.

None of the above vaccinations must have been given within the preceding 7 days, including the day of the competition or entry in to the competition stables.

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