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Recent Cancellations – Note from Chairman

General News


Dear Members

I appreciate it is a very disappointing to see our first two events on the calendar cancelled due to the wet weather conditions that we are currently experiencing. The weather, unfortunately, is out of our control and we empathise with our event organisers who have put so much time and effort into building tracks, sourcing volunteers and officials.  Hopefully we will see a change in the weather and look forward to a season without any further cancellations.

On a separate matter, the Board are holding a webinar on the matter of Personal Insurance for anyone who would like to get more clarity on the exact details. As per our January Board Communications, our insurance has, and always will be in place for our events.  There has been one change to our insurance however, and this is that we are not taking out Personal Accident (outlined in  January’s Board communication). We are recommending that all members have their own policy (which has always been specified in the Rule Book Rule 1.9) 


Eamonn Egan (who has served on HSI’s audit and risk committee) has kindly agreed to host this webinar next Wednesday 27 March at 7pm to clarify the change to our 

insurance policy effective in 2024 and answer any questions. If you wish to take part, please RSVP to [email protected]

Looking forward to a successful and busy season for us all

Niki Potterton


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