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Show Jumping Penalties Reminder


Will athletes please make themselves aware of the following Show Jumping Penalties which came into force this year (shown in red)

22.7        Show Jumping Penalties

Knockdown 4 penalties
First disobedience 4 penalties
Second disobedience in whole test Elimination
Fall of athlete Elimination
Fall of horse Elimination
Error of course not rectified Elimination
Omission of obstacle or boundary flag Elimination
Retaking an obstacle already jumped Elimination
Jumping an obstacle in wrong order Elimination
Incurring 20 jumping penalties (excluding time) (to be enforced at the end of the round unless athlete retires) Elimination
Time Faults for every commenced second in excess of the time allowed (for EI105 classes and higher) 0.4 penalty
Exceeding the Time Limit (which is twice the time allowed) Elimination

22.8        Elimination

  • An athlete who is eliminated must leave the arena and take no further part in the test.
  • Strictly no fence can be jumped following elimination resulting from a fall.
  • For classes where the Jumping test is before the Cross Country test, an athlete incurring 20 or more jumping penalties during the Jumping test will not be authorised to start in the Cross Country test and will be automatically eliminated from the competition

22.9     Statutory Elimination

  • Failure to pass on the correct side of a directional flag.
  • Exceeding the time limit
  • Second disobedience during the course of a round anywhere on the course
  • Failure to re-attempt an obstacle after a run-out.
  • Fall of athlete during the course of a round anywhere on the course.
  • Fall of horse during the course of a round anywhere on the course.
  • Crossing the starting line prematurely and attempting to jump or jumping an obstacle.
  • After being stopped by the Judge or stopping involuntarily, continuing before the bell.
  • Re-attempting an obstacle, which has been disturbed, before the bell.
  • Failing to re-attempt an obstacle following a first or second disobedience.
  • Failure to re-attempt all obstacles of an open combination.
  • Jumping an obstacle in the wrong order or in the wrong direction.
  • Jumping an obstacle that does not form part of the course.
  • Attempting an alternative obstacle before the bell when the other obstacle has been disturbed as the result of disobedience
  • Failing to jump the next obstacle within 60 seconds.
  • Knocking over the timing equipment.
  • Improperly leaving the arena.
  • Failing to cross the finishing line mounted.
  • Failing to leave the arena mounted and by the designated exit, unless injured.
  • Jumping or attempting to jump any obstacle or passing through the finish without protective headgear on.

A copy of the Rule Book can be downloaded HERE or a hard copy purchased HERE

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