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The Fitness Summit

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The Lucinda Green Academy has launched a new online programme focussing on horse fitness:

“THE FITNESS SUMMIT (Free to FEI riders)

With high appreciation to: William Fox-Pitt, Tamie Smith, Lucinda Russell, Julia Krajewski, David Doel, Ros Canter who have produced individual Zoom discussions generously giving us the benefit of their experiences of fittening their horses.

To watch/listen to the Fitness Summit follow the directions in this link.

If you want easy/quick access on your mobile/cell phone then it would be best to download the app. Instructions will follow via email once you have followed the link.

There is so much gold in here, be ready to listen to each one several times…

Fitness is an art and a science that has moved on since 6-7 kms of XC at 570 m/m following 3-4 kms of steeplechase at 690 m/m and upwards of 16 kms of roads and tracks on varied terrain.

A fit and sound horse is one who should enjoy his XC – if he has been given the time to learn it’s vastly different aspects without being rushed.”

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