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Eventing Ireland

What is an Amateur rider?

5.3 Amateur Athletes a) An amateur athlete is one who receives no income from riding, producing horses or coaching athletes. b) Athletes may compete in any amateur competition from the

How do I purchase a day ticket?

Firstly you have to be logged in.  If you or the horse has never been registered, you need to become web only members.  See the Website How-To section for instructions.

Horse Registration

For a horse to compete within an Eventing Ireland competition, it must be registered with the society, in the name of the legal owner, as a Full or Restricted animal

Membership Types & Fees

All Members: All memberships and registrations will be for a period of 12 months from the date of joining/registration. All members pay a fee of €75 to join Eventing Ireland.

How can I get an EI Rulebook?

EI Rulebooks can be ordered from your local Amazon website, simply search for Eventing Ireland, or can be downloaded from the website: 2024 Rule Book.

What is Eventing?

Eventing is the ultimate test of horsemanship. It is distinctive in that male and female athletes compete against each other on level footing for equal rewards. Eventing consists of three

What’s the difference between EI and HSI?

Eventing Ireland is the national body responsible for the national sport of Eventing in Ireland.  Its role is to organise and manage training, national events and the rules at national

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